Bing - Adding Search History To Auto Suggest

The Bing Search Blog has announced that from now onwards, your query history will be part of its search autosuggestion feature. It means, Bing does not only analyze your usual search behavior based on previous searches but now will it will use your actual previous searches to suggest search terms for your current search. In a post on it's search blog, Bing says “ 44% of non-navigational search session lasts longer than 1 week,” meaning that the inclusion of previous searches in auto-suggest adds to the convenience of searching similar queries/topics over time.

This can be a significant search feature if you use Bing often. For recurring searches you will not have to retype the whole search strings anymore because Bing will pull out your prior searches and suggest them to you. To make search suggestion that is based on your search history, Bing is even coloring them purple, same as the standard color of visited links on web pages. The usual Bing auto suggest terms are still in color blue text.

Of course, there is a warning here when it comes to user privacy. Therefore to protect your privacy, Bing is has a suggestion that you turn History off any time that you feel sou need to. You can even selectively remove any part of your search history through the Manage History option of your browser's Bing settings.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engine

To run a website will definitely require you to apply Search Engine Optimization. The main reason of having a website is so that people can access it and these people will your traffic. If nobody visits your site then there is no reason to put a site at all. Presently most of the traffic is generated by search engines.

Here are some reasons for why optimization of your website is necessary:

• People have different ideas on how to search for what they need. So there is no single keyword that will pertain to a certain query, product or services. Optimizing can solve this problem.

• Most people who use internet remain confident in organic results. If your website does not appear in the top five of the list then the probability of being visited by the user is greatly diminished.

• You need to be proactive and innovative to stay ahead of your rivals in business.

• You should be there where your competitors are. Or else, you will be left behind in ranking while your competitors are gaining profits that are brought about by the huge volume of traffic.

• SEO will help in getting larger share of the market.

• Optimizing your website with the good content will attract more people to visit your site and stay there for longer period of time.

• There is no need of getting charged for per click if you are SEO because clicks that are generated by organic listings are free of charge.

SEO is very is a significant way of getting more sales from your targeted market. However, before you sign up any SEO Professional for your website, study their credentials first.