Is Now Your's Own To Customize

Part of Google’s classic appeal has been its clean, simple home page. Now it’s letting users gussy it up. Users can now download their own photo from their computers or Picasa Web albums as background on

“ is now yours to customize,” Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products & user experience, said in a blog post.It’s worth noting that Google is taking a page from Bing, which already has a similar feature that displays a new photo every day. And, of course, Bing borrowed that same page from which offers themes.

The new Google feature will roll out over the next few days in the United States. Just click on a link that will appear in the bottom left corner of the home page. You will be able to switch between the customized search page and classic Google.

Google wants to see your customized pages.

You can see this option available at Bottom Left Side of Google Home page with "change background image".

Bing - Adding Search History To Auto Suggest

The Bing Search Blog has announced that from now onwards, your query history will be part of its search autosuggestion feature. It means, Bing does not only analyze your usual search behavior based on previous searches but now will it will use your actual previous searches to suggest search terms for your current search. In a post on it's search blog, Bing says “ 44% of non-navigational search session lasts longer than 1 week,” meaning that the inclusion of previous searches in auto-suggest adds to the convenience of searching similar queries/topics over time.

This can be a significant search feature if you use Bing often. For recurring searches you will not have to retype the whole search strings anymore because Bing will pull out your prior searches and suggest them to you. To make search suggestion that is based on your search history, Bing is even coloring them purple, same as the standard color of visited links on web pages. The usual Bing auto suggest terms are still in color blue text.

Of course, there is a warning here when it comes to user privacy. Therefore to protect your privacy, Bing is has a suggestion that you turn History off any time that you feel sou need to. You can even selectively remove any part of your search history through the Manage History option of your browser's Bing settings.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engine

To run a website will definitely require you to apply Search Engine Optimization. The main reason of having a website is so that people can access it and these people will your traffic. If nobody visits your site then there is no reason to put a site at all. Presently most of the traffic is generated by search engines.

Here are some reasons for why optimization of your website is necessary:

• People have different ideas on how to search for what they need. So there is no single keyword that will pertain to a certain query, product or services. Optimizing can solve this problem.

• Most people who use internet remain confident in organic results. If your website does not appear in the top five of the list then the probability of being visited by the user is greatly diminished.

• You need to be proactive and innovative to stay ahead of your rivals in business.

• You should be there where your competitors are. Or else, you will be left behind in ranking while your competitors are gaining profits that are brought about by the huge volume of traffic.

• SEO will help in getting larger share of the market.

• Optimizing your website with the good content will attract more people to visit your site and stay there for longer period of time.

• There is no need of getting charged for per click if you are SEO because clicks that are generated by organic listings are free of charge.

SEO is very is a significant way of getting more sales from your targeted market. However, before you sign up any SEO Professional for your website, study their credentials first.

Targeting Keywords for better rankings

Keywords have a major role in any on line business. Selecting and targeting the right keywords will show huge impact on your success. In Previous days Most of the Business entrepreneurs will target the highly competitive keyword and they will struggle to get good search engine rankings for it.

Only few professionals will think about it in depth and takes the help of web professionals. They will guide you in the right way that how to proceed step by step to succeed in on line business.

Never target highly competitive keywords to get top rankings in search engines. There is way to target keywords and to get top rankings.

Steps you need to follow :

1. Select highly competitive right keyword which suits your business. For example your keyword is 'Health'

2. Do keyword research and select long tail keywords like :
  • Health benefits
  • Health plans
  • Health ideas
  • Health news
  • Health tips
3. If above keywords are too competitive then choose little more long tail keywords like :
  • health care benefits
  • medical health plans
  • good health ideas
  • current health news
  • food health tips
4. Still feel competitive then go for 4 or more phrases keywords
  • health care employee benefits
  • affordable health care benefits
  • medical health care plans
  • health choice medical plans
  • current health related news
Now it's better to target above 4 phrased keywords and get good rankings for those keywords. Once you achieve top positions for the above keywords then go for 3 phrased keywords. This is simple phenomenon that everyone needs to follow to get top ranking in search engines.

Doing Directory Submissions in an Effective Way

Prepare different titles, descriptions and keywords with the list of keywords you have chosen from the Keyword Research. All should be unique and looks good in visitors point of view. Go through the web and select different directories from blogs, forums and web and make list of good directories. Now create a mail id like Use This mail id while doing submissions instead of using free mail id. It helps little in getting links.

Now start doing submissions in all the directories. Keep a track of everything in a excel sheet that when you have submitted, confirmed and when the directory ownerapproved. Once you done with all submissions. Daily check the mails that from which directories you have got the links. Make a list of directories which are rejected and not approved.

For all the rejected directories go through the terms and conditions of their directories and change the title, descriptions as per their requirement and post again. For the directories which are not approved wait for 6 months from the date of submission and then submit again. If you got approval from good page rank directories then you will get increase in your page rank in the next Google page rank update.

Once your page rank increased start submitting again your site in the un approved directories. Few directories will approve only the sites which have good page rank. Now you just check search engine rankings for the list of keywords which are used in the submissions. obviously you will get your site in the search results for those keywords. This is the way of doing directory submissions in the right way.

Pros :
  • Increase Page Rank
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Good Traffic
Cons :
  • Long time for approval
  • Less standard directories
  • Less approvals
Points to remember:
  • Use domain mail id
  • Submit in the right category
  • Submit in the directories which have page rank more than Zero
  • Don't submit in bad directories even they have good page rank
If you are following this process that's so good. Keep doing the same. If not change your way of doing to get good search engine results and as well as good page rank. If i am wrong please correct me. Please feel free to comment your views, questions and thoughts.

Note : I know that his article describes about very simple things regarding directory submissions, However the reason for writing this article is most of the link builders,especially freshers doing link building in an arrogant way. It results less page rank and zero search engine rankings.

Doing Social Bookmarking in an Effective Way

Social Bookmarking has it's own place in the internet even the social media is getting raised. It's a process where people can find links and bookmark or favorite those links and also can vote for the links. More votes for a link means the popular bookmark it is.

Most of the guys even don't the right process that how to do social bookmarking. It's also an art, if you know that how to perform the art perfectly then your profile would be get more visits and your links would get more votes.

I would like to explain you the right way that how you need to perform social bookmarking. Step by step described follow :
  • Update entire profile will complete info which looks professional
  • Search authorized profiles then vote and comment on their links
  • Add Authorized profiles in to your friends
  • Build a professional relationship with them
  • First to vote and comment on their links
  • In result you will get good comments and votes for your links
  • Provide different kinds of good links which catches public interest.
List of Social Boookmarking sites :
  • and the list goes on and on....
Main problem here is most of the people will create profiles and submit their own website links again and again in the same profile, it causes to ban account by the site administrator and also you will get a bad impact in the internet world. Hope you guys are clear with instructions as described.

Research Behind Bad Seo Services

Seo Scams are getting increased day by day. Reading so many stories in the forums by stating that I have cheated by this seo service. Few clients are personally shared with me their experiences that how they have cheated by the services.

I have did a little research why all this was happening. At last i came to a conclusion now why this is repeating. People who don't have a long vision would do these kind of mistakes. They thought that their knowledge is enough to establish and run a company. They never look and thought of long term results. Feel that they could do it.

Professionals with little experience who are working with a good seo companies will come out side and establish an organization. Now they will look for clients. Getting clients and satisfying them is not an ordinary matter, so they will promise everything what the client asks while taking the project. At the moment when they are taking the project they won't bother about results. They are in a dilemma that they will try for it, however they will promise to client that they will give it. At last they will often fail and receives a bad reputation in the market.

Few people will promise to the clients that they will get sales and leads through SEO. SEO helps you in getting the leads and conversions, however it won't give directly leads and conversions. That's a wrong statement. SEO guys can promise about search engine friendly optimization, page rank and SERP's. Search Engine Marketing professionals should promise about leads and conversions.

Successful online business should have :
  • SEO Professional
  • SEM Professional
  • SMO Professional
  • Web Designer
  • Programmer
  • Quality Professional
  • Leader
  • Investor
To run a successful business at least we should have the above professionals. All those guys should have well expertise in those respective fields then only organization will move towards success. I request to the guys who are establishing new companies, Never start a company with half knowledge. It's not good for you and also your clients.

Finding Google Bot Visiting Time

Everyone will show little interest to know when Google bot is actually visits their site. I was also one of them. Recently i read an article called "Googlebot Can Execute Java Script on Web Pages" in labnol blog. In this article, blogger Amit discussed about Google bot and placed a screen shot of Google bot visit details.

Through the screen shot I came to know that using stat counter we can see when the google bot is visiting our site. Immediately i have installed stat counter in my blog. From the past few days i was checking with the stat counter visits.

Google bot visited my site multiple times. I was excited, because i am waiting for this from the past few days. Of course Google bot visits every blog as usual, however till now I don't know when it's exactly visiting.

Of course other services too providing the above features, however those are paid. Stat counter was the only tool which provides accurate information for free. One back log in this is they won't store more than 500 visits in free account. We need to upgrade our account to get details of more entries.

Is your website hacked..?

Most of the webmasters are suffering with hacking and de-indexing problems. We need to take a lot of care while protecting a website even it is small or big.

To findout the problems why your site is de-indexed or how hacked is little bit difficult and needs lot of attention to find out the reason. Participate in Google webmaster groups, so that Google engineers might guide you in the right direction.

Actually when we will have a doubt that whether our site is hacked or de-indexed from google, just observe the following factors so that you will came to know the status.
  • Website is ranked for spamy words
  • Taking more loading time and getting error even host is good
  • Suspicious messages from browsers
  • Web pages disappeared from the Search engine results
  • Homepage is De-indexed from Google
How to confirm that your site has suspicious content :

Google has released Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool in Mar 2008. Using this tool you can check
  • Present status of your site
  • While visiting does google have any problem?
  • Does your site distributing malware or not?
  • Is your site hosted malware?
In the following URL just replace with your site URL to get the results

New Option "Promote" in Orkut

Orkut is a popular social site in Brazil and india. 49.83% users in Brazil and 17.51% users in India are using Orkut. It's launched in Jan 22, 2004. In 2004 Orkut has more users from United States, later US users are attracted to facebook and myspace.

We all would always wish to send something to all of our friends like messages, greetings, invitations, photos, videos, information etc. To make all this possible with a single click Orkut has released new option "Promote". It's a free tool. You will find this option below the events button ( Have a look on the following image). Currently this feature not live for all users, Probably it would be live after some time.

One of the best part of this tool is tracking. You can see clearly that how many people has viewed your message, clicked it and deleted it. It's a great feature for Promotional purposes. If you want to sale something for low price, this is the best feature to offer your friends to utilize the chance.

Google Analytics Webinar New Features

Few days back Google analytics launched set of new features in the name of Intelligence for limit users. Hope you all aware of the same. Now Analytics team made that Intelligence feature live to all. It's good see so many updates in Google analytics day by day. Especially, webmaster love to use is because it's free for all. Have a look at the Following in detail info about that feature.

  • Engagement Goals
  • Expanded Mobile Reporting
  • Advanced Table Filtering
  • Unique Visitor Metric
  • Multiple Custom Variables
  • Sharing Advanced Segments & Custom Reports
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Custom Alerts
Analytics team is going conduct a webinar, where we can ask all our queries and get the answers from Analytic Experts about those features.